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How to add or change Nominee in Kotak Mahindra Bank account. How to Add Nominee in Kotak Bank Online at

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Besides being a family member, a bank account nominee should have good qualities that qualify them to fit the nominee role. Bank and Financial Institutions advocate for nominee selection to help transfer funds if the account holder is no longer eligible due to exceptional circumstances. Selecting a nominee is a daunting task for many account holders. The individual should be trustworthy since they are responsible for your funds. While filling in the nominee details, we don’t inform them, but we indicate the relationship with the nominee on the application form. The majority of account holders enter their spouses, parents, and children. The bank offers users open chances to change their nominee anytime based on personal or general reasons.

Kotak Bank (Kotak Mahindra Bank), a growing and popular bank in India, provides banking and financial services such as account opening, lending, life insurance, wealth management, and personal finance. The bank customers enjoy advanced digital services through websites and mobile apps. Kotak Bank provides both single and joint accounts to allow the customer to save funds either in fixed deposits, demand deposit accounts, savings accounts, salary accounts, and more. However, the common practice among all Kotak Bank accounts is the need for the nominee. All account holders must provide a nominee for a smooth transition of funds if death occurs, severe illness, or other exceptional cases.

How to Add Nominee in Kotak Bank Online

Kotak Bank Nominee: Who is a Nominee?

An account holder selects a nominee (male or female) to receive funds if the account owner dies or has a serious state, such as insane or severely ill. A nominee is considered the trustee. The individual should be responsible for handling money on behalf of other heirs. The account holder can select their children despite the age, spouse or parents.The duty of the nominee should be to take responsibility and distribute the amount accordingly to the legal heirs. For example, if a spouse dies, the other partner should use the funds to raise their children using the money left behind.

Number of Nominees and Qualifications

Kotak Bank nominee rule allows only one trustee for the bank account. However, the account holder can select different nominees for their other accounts. A nominee can be anyone from family, extended family, friends, and anyone you trust. Most banks advise on family members to ensure the proper heirs well utilize the funds.

How to Add Nominee Kotak Mahindra Bank Account Online

Adding or changing a nominee can be done through an online or offline process. The account user can visit the bank and fill the form manually or use online services.

Adding nominee using Kotak Bank internet banking

  1. Visit the Kotak Mahindra website portal

  2. On the login page

    select the login button and enter your CRN/username and password.

  3. The portal will send an OTP to your mobile number

    Enter the code to verify and log in to the page.

  4. On the menu

    click the “service request” tab and proceed to “Nominee update.”

  5. Choose your bank account type

    Account number, and “new nominee” options on the next page.

  6. Review the details

    Select the “proceed” button

  7. Next key in the following details

    Name of nominee, Age, Address, Relationship with account user

  8. Next, accept the terms and conditions to continue

    Again the system will send an OTP number, use the code to verify the information, and click the “confirm” button to complete the process

How to Add Nominee Using Kotak 811 Mobile APP

  1. Download and install the Kotak 811 app from your Google play store or App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Next, open the app and proceed to the “service request” option on the menu.
  3. Click “profile” >”Nominee update” option to proceed.
  4. Now, enter your MPIN to validate the information.
  5.  A new page will click the account type: saving account, fixed deposit account,etc., and enter the account number.
  6. For registered nominees, the system will automatically display their names on the screen.
  7. Proceed to the new page and click “New nominee” to add a new trustee/nominee to your bank account.
  8. Next, click “proceed” >”enter nominee’s name, address, relationship with accountholder and click submit button.
  9. The system will send a verification OTP to your mobile number.
  10. Enter the OTP and click the “confirm” button to finalize the process.

Kotak 811 Mobile APP

Android Download link

How Can a Nominee Claim Funds From Kotak Bank

The Kotak Bank allows nominees to claim the death of the account holder. The Bank requires the nominee to provide proof documents for an authentication process.

Required documents

  • The death certificate of the deceased or accountholder.
  • Nominee identity documents such as birth certificate, Aadhaar card, identity card, etc.
  • Nominee address proof details.


  • Once the nominee provides the proof documents, they need to fill the claim form.
  • The form should be certified by:
  • Magistrate/judicial officer
  • A legal officer from the central or state government
  • Bank officer

Two references/individuals eligible to the bank.


  1. Can I add or change my nominee details offline?

    Yes, Kotak Bank offers the DA1 form at the bank branch to help the account holder fill the nominee details.

  2. How many times can I change or add my nominee?

    The Kotak bank allows the account user to change or add new nominees anytime based on their reasons. There is no limit on the nominee process to ensure customers get the best nominee.

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