How To Download HDFC Bank Statement Online

Step by step procedure to get Download HDFC Bank Statement 2021-2022-2023

Regular account check offers clear insights into every monetary activity. A bank statement provides details on recent on past transactions on the user account. It’s also a great way to help the account user manage their finances and trace any fraudulent activities. HDFC Bank is a private banking and financial facility in India with thousands of branches that services millions of Indian residents. The bank offer account user chances to view their bank statement from their mobile and computer devices.

The digital move allows easy follow-up on the user’s account. HDFC bank customers can also avail account statement details through offline methods such as visiting the bank. The bank executive will help users access their account information from a bank balance, account statement, opening a net banking platform, and other services. To view and download the bank account statement, one can use the following HDFC approved methods.

HDFC Bank Statement

how to download hdfc bank statement

Ways to get or download HDFC Bank statement

  • HDFC mobile app
  • HDFC internet banking
  • Account statement through email

Importance of Account Statement

  • A bank account statement helps check any financial fraud activities on the account.
  • It also helps in checking financial errors for easy rectification.
  • A bank statement displays the user’s account balance, penalties, and general money usage.
  • Account statement allows the user to plan their finances.

Requirement details to help user download HDFC Bank statement

  • User’s registered mobile number
  • Internet banking platform
  • Mobile app

How to Download HDFC Bank Account Statement Using HDFC Mobile APP

The HDFC bank mobile app is available for IOS and Android devices. This allows the account users to access banking services through their mobile phones. It’s a great way to trace your bank details without visiting the bank branch.

  1. Open the Google play store or App Store app on your mobile device.
  2. Search for HDFC mobile app and select the download button.
  3. Install and open the app to proceed,
  4.  Next, register your internet banking password and customer ID to access the account.
  5. The system will send an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  6. Use the OTP for verification and create a login PIN to continue.
  7. Open the account and select the “account balance” option to access all account details.
  8. Next, select “statement” to view the mini statement data for your saving account.
  9. Click the “request statement” button >”download” to get the statement on your device.
  10. The app also allows users to receive the statement on their registered email ID.
  11. Choose the preferred duration (months or years) and enter the start and last date range.
  12. Next, select the file format pdf, XLS, or text.
  13. Review the information and select confirm button.
  14. The system will start downloading the statements in the selected file format on your phone.
  15. The app will display a confirmation message on the screen.
  16. Ensure to save the statement for reference or as a proof document.

How to Download HDFC Bank Account Statement Through HDFC NET Banking

Step by step process to get download HDFC Bank account statement through HDFC Bank internet banking

  1. Visit the HDFC Bank internet banking page using your computer or mobile phone

    Enter your user ID and password in the login section.

  2. Open the account menu and select

    “account summary” >”account statement (last 10 years).

  3. A new page will open

    Choose the type of account and enter your HDFC account details.

  4. Enter the statement duration from the start date to the last date.

    Recheck the details and

  5. Click continue to confirm your address.

    The system will send the statement to your registered email ID and a copy to the physical address.

  6. HDFC Bank net banking facility will send the email and password to open the pdf file

    Now, you can download the file on your device.

How to Download HDFC Bank Account Statement to your Email ID

How to download HDFCbank account statement to your email ID

HDFC account users can subscribe to monthly statements or notifications through a registered email ID. The user will receive banking information on the email to regular updates.

  1. Open the net banking website via the link
  2. Enter the login credentials to access the page.
  3. Next, select the “request” button from the accounts section.
  4. Click the “email statement registration” option > enter your account number and registered email address.
  5. Next, accept the terms and conditions and select the “continue” button.
  6. Now you’re subscribed to a monthly HDFC bank statement.
  7. To view the statement, you can enter the file password


  1. How can I view my HDFC bank account statement sent on email ID?

    The bank provides a password to open the PDF file. The bank can use the customer ID as the password.

  2. How many times can I request my HDFC bank account statement?

    The bank doesn’t limit users on the times they wish to avail their bank statement. The user can download the statement via the net banking and mobile app multiple times.

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