How to Activate CIBC Credit Card, Register CIBC Credit Card 2024

Step by Step on How to Activate CIBC Credit Card. Few ways to Activate CIBC Credit Card. Register a Credit Card Through a CIBC Bank Account. Activate CIBC CreditCard Over the Phone.

CIBC Credit Card

CIBC Credit is an ideal financial card that suits everyone’s needs. It’s a popular and incredible financial service used mainly in Canada and North America. It has a wide range of benefits from improving your score, building credit, to saving money. CIBC credit card is simple to use card with multiple features. It contains an online hub that helps users to activate their credit cards by offering various features like cash back rewards, perks, and bonuses for students and business people.

However, activating your credit card before using it through a mobile App and online banking is essential. It provides convenient and security measures that allow one to access it and prevents unauthorized use. The cardholder can avail the credit card by downloading the App from their app store to register for the CIBC Credit card.

How to Activate CIBC Credit Card
Activate CIBC Credit Card

Necessary Details to Activate CIBC Credit Card

Here are the details required to activate your CIBC CreditCard;

  • Activation period

Users should check the activation period during which the card must be activated.

  • Security and privacy

You can activate your card in a safe and private place to secure your information by avoiding using unsecured networks during the activation process.

  • Cardholder Agreement

Follow the terms and conditions of your credit card to understand its benefits and avoid potential issues.

  • Activation Information

Add all the information needed for activation, like Date of birth, new credit card number, and other personal information.

  • Activation Methods

Select the best activation methods such as mobile App, person activation, and Phone.

How to Register a Credit Card Through a CIBC Bank Account?

To register for a credit card as a payee, you need to sign on to the CIBC online banking as follows;

  • Choose ‘’Pay Bills’’ and ‘’Add or Edit Payees’’ from the navigation.
  • Type the payee name into the text box and choose the ”Search” option.
  • Next, enter the payee’s name from the search box.
  • Input your credit card number in the ”Payee Account Number ‘section and choose the ”Next” option.
  • Confirm the payee information, then enter ”Add Payee”.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmation message showing your request has been submitted to complete the process.

Activate CIBC Credit Card Online

Process to activate CIBC Credit Card Online

Activating your CIBC Credit card is easy as you need to follow the steps below depending on whether you want to replace or need a new card;

  • Launch the default web browser.
  • Move to the CIBC’s official website link at and sign into your online banking account.
  • Go to the My Accounts tab and press on the Credit section from the drop-down.
  • Tap on the Activate card option and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Fill in the necessary details, such as card details, the three-digit security code, and the expiry date on the back of the card.
  • Press on the Activation MY CIBC Credit card option, and the card will be activated to complete the process.

How to Activate CIBC Credit Card using Mobile Banking APP

Procedure to activate CIBC Credit Card using Mobile Banking App

 To activate your CIBC creditcard, you can access the CIBC Mobile Banking app on your device by downloading it from your designated app store as below;

  • Open the CIBC Mobile Banking app on your device.
  • Move to mobile banking or download the CIBC mobile banking app on your app store.
  • Login to your account using your password and username or biometrics.
  • Tap on the ‘’Card’’ section you need to activate.
  • Choose the ‘’Activate Card’’ option on the App’s main menu.
  • Follow the promptsprovided to activate our CIBC Credit card.

Activate CIBC Credit Card Over the Phone

Steps to activate CIBC Credit Card over the Phone

You can activate your CIBC Creditcard through phones by dialing customer service. Here are the steps to follow to start your card over the Phone;

  • Search for the activation phone number provided on the back of your new CIBC Credit card.
  • Dial the activation number using the registered phone number associated with your CIBC account.
  • Next, you will be asked to verify your details like credit card number, insurance phone number(SIN), Date of birth, or other identification.
  • Proceed by filling in the required information to complete the process.
  • Confirm your identity and provide the required information.
  • Finally, the system will verify your CIBC Credit card whether is activated.

How to Activate Your Credit Card at the CIBC Branch?

Registered users can activate their cards offline by visiting the closest CIBC branch to activate their credit, providing the new creditcard and identification documents to the branch. Lastly, answering all the asked questions as directed by the CIBC representative.

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  1. How to contact CIBC Customer Services?

You can contact CIBC Customer Services in case of any query through the;

Phone number:1-800-465-4653

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