Bank of America EDD Card Activation at Bankofamerica/activate

The Bank of America EDD Card Activation at Bankofamerica/activate. Replace / Change a stolen EDD Card. How to Use Chip-enabled card on Edd card. Process to Activate Bank of America Edd Card Activation 2024.

BOA EDD Card Activation

The Bank of America EDD (Employment Development Department) is a debit card that provides an easy, faster, and secure way of accessing benefit payments. It allows the transfer of funds to a bank account directly. The EDD offers individuals with different categories, including users qualified for unemployment insurance, disability benefits, and paid family leave. One can access their money anytime using a Visa debit card. Getting the EDD activated before using it is crucial to avoid any delays or complications.

EDD cards can be activated through phone, webpage, etc. It helps people withdraw cash, make payments, and more without delays. The card contains important things like a wallet-sized quick guide, employment development department, debit card deposit agreement, and privacy policy.

Bank of America EDD Card Activation
Bank of America (BOA) EDD Card Activation

Benefits of Edd Debit Card

  • The card is accessible in stores, online, or by devices.
  • It can be used to make payments for multiple bills.
  • Visa debit card is available in the mail.
  • No extra cost is required to transfer funds to your financial institutions.
  • Offers a fast and reliable method for making payments.
  • Provides notifications for deposits and low balances.

How to Activate Bank of America EDD Card Online

Ways to activate the Bank of America EDD Card online

You can start your debit card online, as shown below;

  • Move to the Bank ofAmerica EDD Debit Card website link at
  • Press on the ‘’Activate My Card’’ option.
  •  Type your card number to proceed.
  • Finally, follow the instructions on your screen, including inputting your card’s expiration date, which occurs after three years.

Method of Activating US Bank Card EDD card offline

Follow the steps below to activate the EDD card offline;

  • You need to call the Bank of America.
  • Provide details such as date of birth, card number, and SSN.
  • The bank will confirm your details.
  • After giving all the necessary details, you will get a PIN.

How Do I Purchase My BOA EDD Debit Card with a PIN?

You can make purchases using your EDD Debit Card PIN as mentioned below;

  • First, swipe your card.
  • Select “Debit’’ and Input your PIN.
  • Enter the amount you want, and you will be added to your purchase.
  • Provide your card, cash, and receipt.

How to Get Cash or Check Your Balance at ATM

You can use your ATM to get cash or check your balance, as mentioned below;

  • Attach your card and input your PIN.
  • Key on “Checking’’ option to make a transaction and check “balance inquiry’’ to view your balance.
  • Hit the amount you need to withdraw.
  • Lastly, take your card, cash, and receipt.

The Process to purchase with a signature

Here is a method to follow to buy goods with a signature;

  • Give out your card.
  • Select the “Credit” option.
  • Sign and take your card and receipt to complete the process.

Steps to Get Cash at a Visa Bank and Credit Union

Here are efforts to get some money through Visa Bank and credit union;

  • Search for a “Visa Manual Cash Disbursement” option.
  • Provide your card and enter the amount you want from your available balance.
  • No charge cost is required for this service.
  • Enter your card, cash, and receipt.

How to Use a Chip-Enabled Card on an EDD Card?

  • Present your card in the terminal.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
  • Input your personal identification number or verify the transaction.
  • Select ‘’debit’‘ and input your PIN; the amount will be added to your purchase if your balance is adequate.
  • Once the transaction is complete, clear your card from the terminal. If a terminal is not chip-enabled, you can present your card and follow the guide as prompted.

Activate Bank America EDD Card Through Phone

The activation process for Bank America EDD Card through phone

Here are the simple steps to activate your Edd card by phone;

  • For all users, Number:1-866-692-9374.
  • For disability benefits Number:1-866-656-5913.
  • For users who are not residents of the USA, Number:1-423-262-1650.

How to Replace / Change a Stolen BOA EDD Card

Procedure to replace a stolen EDD Card

It is simple and easy to replace a stolen, damaged, or expired EDD debit card as per the steps below;

  • You need to contact the Bank of America.
  • Next, you will be taken to an automated menu.
  • Select from the options provided ‘’stolen or lost’’. It helps the bank to know how you misplaced your card.
  • You will get a new EDD card within 7 or 10 days from the date you place the order. Wait for the card to be approved within this period.


  1. What are the eligibility criteria for an EDD card?

The EDD card is eligible for citizens who receive unemployment insurance benefits.

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