How to Temporary Block OneCard Credit Card

Step by step process to Block OneCard Credit Card Temporary. How to Activate or Turn on Your OneCard credit card. How to disable OneCard Credit Card Temporary

OneCard Credit Card

OneCard credit card is an exclusive financial facility available for users who need a simple and beneficial credit card. The OneCard credit card is popular for its metallic make, incredible features, and benefits. It’s an excellent choice for new users providing multiple benefits. Unlike other metallic credit cards with high annual fees. The OneCard credit card comes with the following simple and quality features:

Features and benefits of OneCard credit card

  • It is a metal credit card.
  • OneCard has no annual fee.
  • The card has no joining fee.
  • The card offers 1 point for every Rs. 50
  • The foreign exchange markup fee is 1%.

How to Apply for a Onecard Credit Card

  • First, download and install the OneScore app.
  • Enter the registration details such as name, email, registered mobile number.
  • Next, verify the mobile number to proceed.
  • Ensure to check your credit score for qualification purposes.
  • Now, select the “get OneCard” option and confirm your PAN card, name, and date of birth.
  • Next, confirm the address and upload the required income details.

Review the information and select the “Continue” button to complete the application.

OneCard Credit Card charges

OneCard Credit Card charges

OneCard credit card users can temporarily block or turn off some features such as international transactions, online usage, and more. The user can block OneCard credit card in the following steps:

How to Block OneCard Credit Card

Blocking OneCard credit card

  1. Download the OneCard app on your smartphone.

    Register the details and open the app.

  2. Enter the login PIN or user the fingerprint for verification to access the app.

    Click the “Card” >”view all control” option.

  3. Next, click the “off” option

    Enter why you wish to block the card, and click the “confirm” button.

  4. Select the “lock” tab

    To complete the request.

How to Turn OFF International Transaction on Onecard

OneCard users can turn off specific services and features and continue utilizing the credit card. It’s easy to block international usage in the following steps.

  • Open the OneCard app and log in to access the services.
  • Select the “international usage” option on the menu to continue.
  • Next, select the “deactivate” button to turn off the international transactions.
  • Note you can also turn on the service anytime.

Turning off OneCard Online Usage

The deactivation process is quite similar to international transaction services.

  • Open the OneCard app on your device.
  • Enter your login PIN to access the account.
  • Click “cards” > online usage” options.
  • Next, select the “deactivate” button to turn off the online usage service temporarily.

How to Activate or Turn on Your OneCard credit card

Once a credit card user turns off the card features or whole card temporarily. They can easily unblock the card and continue enjoying the services. However, any request for permanent blocking cannot be reversed. OneCard users can turn on the status using the following steps.

  • Go to the OneCard app on your device and enter the login credentials.
  • Next, click “card” tab > “view all controls” and press “ON” button.

Now you can transact using the OneCard card for any service.


  1. How can I activate my OneCard credit card if blocked permanently?

    It's impossible to reverse the process if the user permanently blocks the card. However, one can request the IDFC Bank for a new credit card.

  2. How much is the OneCard annual fee and joining fee?

    The OneCard credit card doesn’t require a joining fee and an annual fee. This makes it flexible for every user regardless of income.

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