How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

2024: How do i cancel my planet fitness membership. Step by step to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership. planet fitness cancel membership process given below.

Planet Fitness Membership

Quick Ways to Cancel your Planet Fitness Membership

Keeping fit is a health requirement that should never be ignored. We tend to prioritize work, school, and family and forget the significance of exercising. Health experts advise a daily fitness routine to help vital organs. Most people exercise to cut down weight which is a reasonable goal but not a long-term solution. The routine should continue after achieving your desired weight to help maintain and have a healthy body.

There are multiple ways and places to conduct your exercises. One can opt for gym services, morning and evening walks, or purchasing fitness equipment for a home gym setup. All choices are perfect and offer similar goals. However, gym-based fitness comes with extra commitment and fun, where one meets different people with a similar aim. It’s also fun practices in groups or uses the instructor’s guide for quick results.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness

Availing the best gym can be challenging, but with the right connections and reviews from other gym members, it becomes easy to subscribe to their services. Planet Fitness, or PFIP LLC, is an exquisite, modern American fitness operator in Hampton, New Hampshire. The Company has thousands of branches across the globe from the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and other renowned nations. Millions of people subscribe to Planet Fitness membership to access quality services from modern facilities.

Membership Cancelation

Planet fitness cancel membership: With high registration also comes many cancellation requests. Most members quit after attaining slight results, while others give up on the routine. Every member wishing to denounce their membership has a unique reason to stop the subscription.

Planet Fitness gym offers a simple but details contract that provides cancellation details. The gym uses more manual platforms for effective processes. Gym members need to review the decision and act before the subscription date. The cancellation process is seamless, unlike many gyms that make it hard to cancel a membership.

Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Reasons to cancel Planet Fitness membership

  • Achieving the desired results.
  • If your work or school time is colliding with the gym time.
  • Suppose the member is traveling to countries without the planet Fitness branch.
  • An injury
  • Family members can request for cancellation if the subscriber dies.

Important Points to Check When Planet Fitness Cancel Membership

Every Planet Fitness member should have a signed document stating their membership. Before opting for cancellation, one should review the following.

  • Review your contract to understand the terms and conditions before removing your membership.
  • Check the contract’s sign and expiry date. One can wait for the automatic cancellation if it close (one or two months). This saves you cancellation charges and the whole request process.
  • Analyse your billing dates; monthly membership should be paid on the 17th, while yearly subscriptions are paid before the 25th of the month before your membership registration. For example, February members should cancel before 25th January. Ensure to cancel to avail, incurring a cancellation fee and an already subscribed amount.
  • It’s possible to request for a fee waiver on different occasions, such as:
    • If you have an injury, request your doctor to write a letter indicating the time you need to heal.
    • The Company can waive the fee if you’re traveling to an area without a planet fitness gym.
  • Before canceling the membership, gather all required documents and information such as address, social security number, mobile number, etc…

Ways to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

Gym members can cancel their membership using the following methods.

  • In-person
  • Using mail

Note the cancellation policy may differ from gym to gym. It’s advisable to conduct the cancellation process from your home planet fitness gym (if possible). For a successful process, ensure to visit the gym for a fast process. The in-person allows the user to verify and make sure the subscription is cancelled. However, the mail procedure may take longer and should be sent in advance to avoid payment dates.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership in Person

Step by step to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership in Person

  1. Visit the nearest Planet fitness center or your home gym.
  2. Next, request the center support desk officer to help with the cancellation form.
  3. Fill in the mandatory details like:
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Address
    • Date of birth
    • Email
    • Membership ID
  4. The last four digits of your credit card.
  5. Recheck the documents and mail or submit to the respective officer.
  6. The gym will review, approve and proceed with the cancellation process.
  7. A cancellation fee may apply based on the location or center.

Suppose you collected the form to fill it out from home. Ensure to attach the documents and details before submitting. If the support team doesn’t reply, call or visit the center again.

Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Using Mail

Steps to cancel planet fitness membership using Mail

Members who can avail themselves at the center can apply for cancellation through the mail. The applicant must write to Planet fitness home center, where they first signed the contract. Enter the required details such as an address, email, membership ID number, name, etc.

Write a letter of intent explaining why you wish to cancel your membership and send it to the center’s mail. An electronic confirmation will be sent stating the letter was received. The respective officer will process the cancellation. Call the customer care desk for inquiry if the process takes more than a week.

Planet Fitness Cancel an Account for a Deceased Member

Suppose a member dies, their next of kin or family members can cancel their gym membership. The applicant needs to provide a letter and proof documents such as:

  • Member’s name
  • Death certificate copy (proof)
  • Membership number
  • Address of the deceases
  • Applicant’s contact details.

The termination process is quite easy and requires few documentation. Planet fitness doesn’t provide an online process or call number for membership cancellation.

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  1. Can I transfer membership to another planet fitness club?

Members can change their details to another club through the planet fitness website.

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