How to Disable HDFC Debit Card for Online Transaction

Deactivate HDFC Debit Card for Online. How to Block Hdfc Bank Debit Card by Net banking, Customer Care. Step by step process to Disable HDFC Debit Card for Online Transaction given below

For any suspicions on your HDFC debit card, the user can disable the online transaction facility until a need arises. The option is available online or through customer care to ensure safety for all debit cardholders.  Note the service is applied to all types of HDFC debit cards.

Online procedure to Block/Disable online transaction on HDFC Debit Card

To avail of the process, one can use an internet banking platform or mobile banking app to complete the process.

How to Disable HDFC Debit Card for Online Transaction

How to Disable HDFC Debit Card for Online Transaction

Disabling online transactions using HDFC internet banking

  1. Go to the HDFC internet banking website page

  2. Next Step

    Fill your customer ID and internet banking password to continue.

  3. Verify the secure access ID to log in

    On the menu select “cards” >debit cards > “request” options

  4. Proceed and click

    The “set card controls/usage limits” tab

  5. A new page will show

    Select the option “continue” > “daily domestic usage/limits” or daily international usage/limits” options.

  6. On the “online usage” section

    Select the tab “off” followed by the “continue” button.

  7. Next, recheck and confirm the changes

    You want to apply/save and select the “continue” button.

  8. The disabling process is done and successful

    You HDFC Debit card was successfully disabled for online transactions.

How to Disable HDFC Debit card Online Transaction Through Customer Care

HDFC Customer care center helps customers solve various banking issues. The customer can opt for IVR or speak directly to a customer care official.

  1. Open the HDFC website to retrieve the HDFC Phone banking number.
  2. Choose the bank account tab and enter the customer ID. One can also enter the last four digits of the debit card number and hash button.
  3. The system will send an OTP code to your mobile number.
  4. Enter the number to verify the detail and proceed.
  5. On the phone, the banking page clicks the option “change usage” button.
  6. Click the “online transaction” button and select the “disable” tab to complete the process.

The process is also reversible using the same steps. The user should click enable button when requesting enabling the online transaction.


  1. What is the requirement for disabling the HDFC debit card online transaction?

    The HDFC debit cardholder should have their login credentials: customer ID and password. A registered mobile number. HDFC Internet banking service.

For more information about HDFC bank Disable/ Block debit card visit link

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