Facebook Settlement Claim Status 2024, Track FB Settlement Status

Complete Procedure on How to Know Facebook Settlement Claim Status & details about Payout Date, Eligibility, Appeal Rejection. Track Facebook User Privacy Settlement.

Facebook User Privacy Settlement

The Facebook is an online platform and networking service held by Meta platforms. It can be accessed from multiple devices with internet connectivity, like tablets, smartphones, etc. It offers incredible services, including posting text, photos, and videos with fun or business contents.

 As an enormous popular platform, Facebook has also been associated with several legal issues and controversies. Due to the legal disputes between affected people, and Facebook. One can search for settlement details by checking the Facebook settlement checks status.

Required Details to file a Facebooksettlement Claim

  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • username
  • Your name
  • Payment services such as Venmo or a prepaid MasterCard or PayPal.
  • If you are a Facebook user on the May 24, 2007 and December 22, 2022.
  • If you are a resident of the U.S. in “24th May, 2007 to December 22nd, 2022.”

Facebook Settlement

Facebooksettlement is directed to pay $725 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that the company allows third parties to access user’s data without their consent. The reimbursement is designed for all Facebook users in the United States who were on the platform on May 24, 2007 and December 22,2022. Facebook has shared legal issues over the years, such as privacy violations, data breaches ensuring clients’ safety. The settlement has paid $650 million into a ”Settlement Fund” to protect all the aspects of the settlement.

The Company has also turns off its face recognition feature for members and deletes all existing user templates. Individuals can file a valid claim and receive a check in the mail within 6 to 8 weeks. For clarity the user can check your Facebook settlement status as stated on this guide.

Facebook Settlement Claim Status 2024, Track FB Settlement Status
Facebook Settlement Claim Status 2024, Track FB Settlement Status

Eligible Criteria for the Facebook settlement

  • Eligible for all Facebook users in the U.S. with an account.
  • You can get your money from the settlement after deleting your Facebook account.
  • An individual should live in Illinois for at least six months.
  • One should file a claim for the Facebook settlement.

Ways to File a Facebook Settlement claim for a FB deleted account

Ways to file a claim for a deleted account

Those who need to file a claim for a deleted account can follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Facebook Settlement website.
  • Press on the ”Submit Claim” option
  • Tap the link at the page’s top to edit your claim.
  • To access and edit your claim, type the notice ID and Confirmation code at the top side of the notice.
  • On the ”Details” section, continue to the third question (”Are you filling a claim for a current account, a deleted account, or a combination of both?”)
  • Choose from the ‘’Current Account(s)’’, ‘’Deleted Account(s)’’ or ‘’both current and Deleted Accounts’’ options.
  • Finalize your information request regarding your account(s), as applicable.

How to Find Facebook Username

Steps to find the Facebook username

You can find your Facebook username by following the mentioned steps;

  • Signing to your Facebook account.
  • I am pressing on the ”Setting and Privacy’’ option.
  • Then tap on ‘’Settings’’ where you will see ‘’Username’’
  • On the mobile app, move to the menu and press your name on the screen.
  • Choose ”Edit Profile” and you will see the username under ”Your Profile Link”.

How to Update Claimed Information Changed

To change any claimed information, you can do so by following the mentioned below;

  • Navigate to the settlement website.
  • Press on ‘’Filed a claim? Click here to edit your claim,’’ at the top of the page.
  • After filling out your claim, provide details like the confirmation code and claim ID in the confirmation email.
  • Send your claim electronically by updating your claim through email.

How to Get Paid on Facebook Settlement Status

Applicant can file a claim online or mail a printed form to Facebook consumer privacy, c/o settlement Administrator, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, User Profile Litigation. You can submit claim information online by 11:59 p.m. (PT) on August 25, while the mailed statement must be postmarked by August 25.

Track Facebook Settlement Claim 2024 Checks Status

The process to track Facebook settlement status

You can track your Facebook settlement status by visiting a website using a portal offered by the settlement administrator. Here are simple steps to follow your checks;

  • Move to the official FB settlement website.
  • Use the login information to log in during the application process.
  • Next, proceed to ‘’Check Status’’ option.
  • Input the required details, such as claim number or unique identifier.
  • Lastly, submit your form to check the status, and you will get the current status of your Facebook settlement check.

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  1. Who is eligible for Facebook payouts?

    Facebook payout is eligible for all users in the U.S. who had an account on May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022.

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