Incredible Financial Lessons Instilled by My Loving Parents

Few Money Lessons From My Parents. Really it’s Incredible Financial Lessons Instilled by My Loving Parents

Financial Lessons From Parents

The current me is the excellent modification of the previous me—the hard life lessons, lack, and despair a cluster of features that shaped my life. I won’t call it bragging but a successful financial journey from a dime to starring millionaire. However, I don’t owe the success to my efforts, but tough lessons instilled through the watch and learn methods. To build a financial empire, my parents passed several wise words “son, it takes money to create money.” A truer fact about creating wealth is “spending is the only way of not saving and relating with poverty. It never rings a bell until you’re required to be responsible.

Financial Lessons by Parents
Financial Lessons by My Loving Parents

My Growing UP

Holding to vivid memories of me growing, the school life, siblings, parents struggles, and the first wage I made. Life wasn’t bread and butter; it was the opposite. Let’s say living a day at a time, welcoming whatever is presented. However, this didn’t deprive us of the focus of exploiting different chances in life. My parents being business entrepreneurs, and my grandparent’s taking on farming as the main business. They all offered rich life financial wisdom, which I enjoy today and in the future.

My First Dollar

My parents taught financial lessons through stories of successful saving, investment, and games. My first income was through appreciation for completing my home chores. I earn my first dollar, which brought a big smile and thousands of thoughts on what to do with my first money. Amid the confusion, an idea generated “why don’t I invest and create another dollar.” I visited my grandmother told her my idea, and she was glad to start me off. I bought milk she guided me on where and how to sell for profit. It was excellent experience trading milk for money and made another dollar.

Grandma continued offering new investment lessons, and I added the milk from the initial few liters using the profit I made and created more funds. It was easy per se and exciting, the simple act grew, but no thought about selling commercially was yet ringing. Actually part of the profits I felt I should appreciate my parents and bought a birthday cake for mum. It was fulfilling seeing her smile and dad grateful for my small hassle.


I was a young adult and felt I should take on the financial pathway, maybe a financial planner. I admired my parents and grandparents for creating wealth from small businesses and ensuring we are okay as students taking financial planning courses and milk sellers. I broadened my hassle and got a shop, and started selling commercially. Not yet able to pay salaries, my young brother would lend a hand when I was in school. My ideas grew from what I was learning in college and my parent’s knowledge. Though school taught me much, the lesson I practice today is watching and learning from my aged parents. I hope they inspire you to start on what you believe in.

Five Financial Investment lessons

Conduct research

Financial planning requires research before buying or investing your funds. You can never create wealth and discard it anyhow. Whenever we required groceries, my parents would seat make a grocery list and opt on what was important. They would then plan for the week meals “yes, we knew the whole week meals.” They would then visit different stores and research the prices, compare all prices, and buy.

They taught us before buying or investing, you should know what you’re buying, where, and when. My parents said before deciding on the business to take, they took time to research the market, reading books, and understanding the risk of the market. In my current stock market investment business, I read about other securities’ risks and returns for the stocks. It’s not easy, but I know my investments well with few life lessons and stock market experience.

Stock market knowledge and research

When investing in the stock market, research the shares and what to add to your portfolio. Ensure to monitor the market conditions and performance. A good investor checks on the history of each investment (stock, mutual funds, gold, bonds, and more) through the stock market is volatile. This will help increase the chances of success in the market.

Spread your wealth

My parent’s success was generated from different platforms. It never made sense when they came home frustrated with one business and happy with the other. Sometimes I ask dad (at age 12 now 29) why don’t you close the failing business and concentrate on the successful ones. Dad would laugh and say, “Son, you can’t be healthy if you eat one type of food.”

Healthy portfolio (Diversification)

Today it applies in the stock market business; your portfolio is only healthy from various investments. To create returns, invest in different market shares with varying levels of risk. Generally stock market offers short-term and long-term investments. It’s wise to involve all in your portfolio, meaning the returns will be consistent. Some (gold, bonds, mutual funds) will bring fast returns, while others will take time to generate profits.

In my career and investment years, I plan to keep my portfolio diversified with different investments. I have high-risk investments, fixed-income, and planning to add more. The market doesn’t offer certainty, but I know I will make the best of each asset.

Patience in investments

Through my parent’s investment journey and my milk selling to investing in stocks. It wasn’t easy; they were part of bad days, no business, and many losses. My parents never quitted daily; they would wake up early and go back to the same businesses. As a young investor, there are moments of frustration and wanting to hold back. However, I get my strength from the empires my parents have built with a lot of struggles. The market is neither friendly nor harsh; it requires patience to create wealth.

Investing is risky but will bear fruits in the long run, don’t rush the business or market. In due time the investment will offer back the returns. My parents have invested in the same business for over thirty years; they enjoy returns with no regrets.

Always Start Small

Though my parents haven’t told my siblings or me about their first journey, it evident they started small. However, I can trace my first dollar vividly and remember our struggle to sell milk. That’s where my first money for the share market came from. It’s a journey from milk to investing in the stock market. The knowledge gain from college and observing my parent’s and grandparents’ success journey.

Starting is always the most challenging part, especially when investing for retirement. This discourages many from starting at all. However, putting aside some of your funds will go a long way in the future. I believe some people don’t trust stock markets, but you can work with long-term investments. Some offer steady income, which will act as good retirement benefits. Financial investment is always a journey. You can never start by running; you must crawl to walk and then run.

Roth IRA and 401(K)

I directed some earning in Roth IRA, though wasn’t sure of the benefits back then. However, after my college, I ensure part of my earnings goes to the Roth IRA accounts. It’s a long investment but worth starting.

It’s Always the best time to start.

Financial investment doesn’t have a designated time. You are never late to start, get the best platforms and direct your funds. My parents don’t have much responsibility; they don’t have any. Since we are all grown and independent, they still manage and invest their funds in different investment pools. The lesson learned is it’s never too early or too late to start.

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