How to Foreclose SBI Credit Card Loan EMI

Simple steps to Foreclose SBI Credit Card EMI. How to Foreclose State Bank Credit Card Loan Emi

How to Foreclose SBI Credit Card Loan

Credit cards allow users to shop or purchase items on credit. The card user gets the privilege to access items without collective money and pay the bank or credit card provider later. The credit users pay the amount back before the due date and the agreed interest rates.

State Bank of India (SBI) Bank is famous banking and financial services provider in India. The bank offers numerous services to accommodate every customer. The bank provides users with credit card services at reliable interest rates.

SBI Bank designs different types of credit cards based on users’ convenience. Each card is defined with unique features and benefits. To avail of an SBI credit card, the user must attain set criteria.

How to Foreclose SBI Credit Card EMI

EMI on State Bank Credit Cards

Most credit card users utilize the EMI feature when purchasing items. EMI allows the user to buy and pay the amount in specified instalments. Credit cardholders can convert their transaction to EMI (equated monthly instalments). This means the credit card user turns the transaction payment to loan through EMI. The user can convert the credit card transaction to EMI using instant EMI conversion through an ecommerce website or after completing the payment using a net banking service.

Note the EMI comprises of principal amount and interest rate, which the cardholder pays every month until the amount is done.

How to Foreclose SBI Credit Card EMI

The SBI bank credit card user can close the EMI before the full payment term. The bank provides simple steps to foreclose your EMI. However, the process incurs a particular charge.

  1. Go to the SBI credit card (Sbicard) website portal

  2. Select the “login” button on the homepage menu.

    Enter your preferred login process: using username, mobile number or credit card details.

  3. Click mobile number (our choice)

    Enter your registered mobile number and click the “proceed” button.

  4. Next, key in your credit card PIN and request for OTP

    Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and select the “login” button.

  5. Select “benefits” > “foreclose” options

    Choose the credit card you wish to foreclose EMI

  6. Proceed and select the product type you want to foreclose: mobile phone electronics, etc

    The page also holds current EMIs; select the one you wish to close and proceed.

  7. The system will display the foreclose charges and the amount you need to pay

    Next, accept the term and conditions and select the “confirm” button.

  8. The page will send an OTP to your mobile number.

    Use the OTP to verify the EMI foreclosure request. Now the process is complete.

SBI Credit Card EMI Foreclose Charges

SBI bank charges the user a 3% on EMI foreclose for the current principal outstanding amount. The user can opt to foreclose multiple EMI using the above process. However, one must clear all the outstanding principal amount and interest.

Required Details to Foreclose EMI

  • SBI credit card and login details.
  • Registered mobile number to help in the verification process.


  1. How can I convert credit card transactions to EMI?

    A credit card user can change the payment to EMI using instant EMI through an ecommerce website. It’s also possible to convert to EMI using the SBI net banking page after the transaction.

  2. SBI credit card login


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