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How to Create/Generate SBI Virtual Card (Virtual Debit Card). State Bank Virtual Card Details Check Online. How to Enable Online Transactions Using SBI Debit Card at

SBI Virtual Card

The State Bank of India (SBI) provides exclusive and secure facilities beyond its banking services. SBI has introduced the virtual card to help protect customers from fraud cases and keep their transactions private.  The virtual card, also known as an electronic card or e-card, is only active for 48hours or until the transaction is completed. The facility is significant to debit and credit cardholders as they can transact without exposing their card information.  An E-card is a limit card that offers flexibility in online services.

SBI Virtual Card

Features and Benefits of SBI Virtual Card

  • The electronic card helps add a security layer for customers transacting online. The card hides the user’s details from merchants, thus keeping the card data safe.
  • The SBI e-card is only valid for 48 hours once the transaction is done; the card is no longer valid.
  • It’s possible to make payments through the OnlineSBI internet banking platform using a virtual card.
  • Virtual cards are accepted on all e-commerce websites and merchants sites that accept VISA cards.
  • Virtual cards are easy to create using the internet banking system.
  • SBI allows customers to create multiple virtual cards per day.
  • The system will automatically refund any amount left on the virtual card after 48 hours.

How To Generate SBI Virtual Debit Card

To create / Generate your virtual card or e-card for online transactions, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the OnlineSBI internet banking portal

  2. Enter your username and password to log in

    Click “e-card >”generate virtual card” options on the menu.

  3. Choose the account you want to transfer money to the virtual card

    Key in the amount you need, the minimum amount is Rs. 100 and maximum are Rs. 50,000.

  4. Read and click the checkbox to agree on the terms and conditions

    Next, select the “generate” option to proceed.

  5. Verify the cardholder’s name

    Debit card account number, and virtual card limit.

  6. Press the “back” tab to rectify the mistakes for any correction

    The bank system will send an OTP to your mobile number.

  7. Use the OTP

    Verify the information and click the “submit” button

  8. The page will show the details of the virtual card on the screen

    Name of the account holder,
    Virtual debit card number,
    Limit of the virtual card,
    The expiry date of the e-card.

How to Check SBI Virtual Card Details

State Bank customers can check the virtual card limit and plan how to use the funds. The bank allows users to create multiple e-cards from the same account. The cardholder can check the limit and other details in the following steps.

  1. Open the SBI internet banking website portal.
  3. On the homepage, enter your login credentials to proceed.
  4. Select e-card followed by SBI virtual card.
  5. Next, click the virtual card details option.
  6. The system will generate all your virtual card details on the screen:
  7. Name of the account holder
  8. Date of issue
  9. Expiry date
  10. Merchant name
  11. Limit amount on the card
  12. Status of the e-card
  13. Source account number
  14. Whether the funds are used or not.

How to Enable Online Transactions Using SBI Debit Card

  1. Go to the SBI internet banking page
  2. Enter your username and password to log in.
  3. The page will send an OTP; enter the code to log in.
  4. Proceed to “e-service” tab >”ATM card limit/usage/channel” options.
  5. Choose the account number and debit card number for the menu list.
  6. Click on the service type as “change channel type” option and select the “submit button.
  7. A new page will open select “CPN channel” >enable it to continue.
  8. Click on “PoS channel to enable the process.
  9. The system will send an OTP, enter the OTP to allow the online transaction.


  1. Who is eligible to create SBI virtual card?

    All SBI customers with the internet banking facility can access the virtual card.

  2. How long is the virtual card valid?

    The e-card is valid for 48 hours or after the pending transactions are complete.

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