HDFC Debit Card Withdrawal Limit Per Day

HDFC Debit Card Withdrawal Limit Per Day | HDFC ATM Card Limit Per Day 2022| HDFC UPI Limit Per Day 2022 at

The majority of Banks globally provide a limit for debit card/ATM card withdrawal services. The limit is varies based on the user’s account and debit card type. The HDFC bank India provides a variety of debit cards based on user needs. The cards have a set limit which the user can withdraw per day. Each limitation aligns with the cardholder’s account and debit type.

However, the HDFC bank doesn’t restrict the user from increasing the withdrawal limit. One can request an increase through online banking platforms. The services apply to online transactions, POS transactions, and international transactions.

HDFC Bank Debit Card Limit

HDFC Debit Card Limit

HDFC offers some debit cards such as Platinum chip debit card, Titanium Royal debit card, Easy shop debit card, premium debit card, and more. All the debit cards hold a daily withdrawal limit as follows:

  • HDFC debit card users with platinum chip debit cards card withdraw Rs. 1lakh.
  • HDFC Titanium debit card daily limit: Rs. 25,000/-
  • RuPay Premium debit card: Rs. 25,000.
  • EasyShop titanium debit card: Rs 50,000/-

Required Details to Request for An Increase in HDFC Debit Card Withdrawal Limit

  • HDFC Net banking service and login credentials.
  • A registered mobile number.

How to Increase Debit Card Withdrawal Limit Per Day, POS, and International Transactions

  1. Go to HDFC Bank Net Banking website page link
  2. Key your login details “username and password” to access the account.
  3. Select “cards” on the menu followed by the tab “request” from the debit cards section.
  4. Next, click the “set debit card usage/limits” option.
  5. Choose the card number and select the “continue” button.
  6. A new page will appear where the user can view the “HDFC debit card withdrawal limit per day.”
  7. Next, select the domestic usage/limits and ATM usage option.
  8. Now, enter your preferred new withdrawal limit (enter the maximum amount shown on the page)
  9. The user can also increase online, merchant outlets, and contactless usage. Click to enter the maximum limit.
  10. Review the information and select “continue” to save the changes on your debit card.
  11. Open the next page and confirm the new withdrawal limits for each service.
  12. Select the “continue” button and submit the request.
  13.  The system will automatically effect the changes on your debit card.

HDFC UPI Limit Per Day

The HDFC bank allows bank users to utilize the UPI services to transact funds freely. However, the user has a set limit as follows:

  • Per Transaction limit: Rs. 1 lakh per transaction.
  • Daily UPI transaction limit: Rs. 10 transactions.
  • The total amount to transact using UPI: Rs. 1 lakh.

HDFC Banking Facilities

Besides the net banking service, HDFC bank has other significant banking and financial services. Each service contains a set limit by the bank.

  • NEFT: Bank users can transact Rs. 1 to 10 lakhs per day for every transaction.
  • The service is free and open throughout.
  • IMPS: The service also allows Rs.1 to 10 lakh per day for every transaction.
  • RTGS: the RTGS service doesn’t limit users as they can transact from Rs. 2 lakhs. The services are available throughout.


  1. What is the withdrawal limit for debit cards in HDFC Bank?

    The limit differs based on the type of debit card and the account. Some debit cards have a daily limit of Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 25,000 and more. The cardholder can view the limit from the net banking platform.

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