How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction, Domestic and International Activation Process

Guide on HDFC Debit Card Online Activation Process: HDFC ATM Card online usage, Domestic and International Activation Process 2022. Step by step process to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction

Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction

Debit card development has relieved many people from carrying money around. The cards have provided safety as one can transact online or offline without fear of theft. The debit card directly links with the money credit on your account, making it easy to make payments. HDFC debit card facility allows users to transact online through internet banking platforms, ATMs, and mobile banking app. The card offers multiple services from paying utility bills, transferring funds to other accounts, shopping, paying travel expenses, and more.

HDFC debit card is a safe, easy-to-use, and reliable banking and financial facility for all HDFC customers. The card is equipped with various online usage and domestic and international transaction features. The services enable the user to send and receive funds through online platforms and transact foreign currencies.

Due to security measures, the RBI provides strict rules to all Indian banks about online transactions and international transactions details. The service is turned off or disabled by default unless the debit card user requires the service. The account holder must activate the services through defined online steps to enable the transactions.

How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction

How to Activate HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction

HDFC Debit Card Online Transaction activation process

  1. Go to the HDFC internet banking website using the link

  2. Next, open the homepage menu and enter your customer ID and password to log in

    Enter the captcha code to verify the details and access the account.

  3. Proceed to “debit cards” section and select “cards “> “Request” tab

    Next, select the “set card usage/limit” option and choose the debit card from the menu list.

  4. Recheck the information and click the “Continue” button

    Go to the option “daily domestic usage/limit and select the “turn ON “option for “online usage.”

  5. Set the transaction limit for online usage and select the “continue” tab

    Review and confirm the information to complete the process.

How to Activate Usage for International Debit Card

  1. Visit the HDFC net banking portal link
  3. Enter your login details to access the account.
  4. Next, select “cards” under the debit card section to continue.
  5. Select “request” > “set international/domestic usage” options.
  6. Choose the debit card you wish to enable and select the continue button.
  7. Next, select the “card to be enabled for international and domestic use” button.
  8. Enter the international usage limit and click the continue button.
  9. Key in the debit card PIN, expiry date, and select confirm option.
  10. The system will enable international transactions, which you can transact freely.


  1. What are the required details for activating HDFC online transactions and international usage?

    To enable online transaction details on your debit card, you require an internet banking platform, registered mobile number, login credentials, and good connectivity.

  2. Why are the international usage and online transaction disabled on my debit card account?

    The services are disabled by default through RBI rules to ensure the account is safe from fraud. The user can enable or disable the transaction anytime through a net banking service.

  3. Can I activate my HDFC online transaction using the mobile app?

    HDFC Bank is yet to provide ways to activate online transactions through mobile apps.

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