How to Find Lost My AirPods That Are Offline And Dead

Ways to Find Lost Airpods that are Offline or Dead. How to Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline And Dead. Simple Ways to Avoid Losing Your AirPods. How to Find Airpods through the iCloud Website

Find Your Airpods

Apple devices are well known for proper integration and connectivity. Most people globally prefer to purchase Apple products such as iPads, smartwatches, Airpods,iPhones, and more as their connection devices. Airpods are a significant wireless gadget with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to link different devices. One can enjoy music and phone calls via Airpods without exposing the phone. Though handy, it’s easy to lose Airpods due to their size or wireless nature. It’s unfortunate if one misplaces or loses the Airpods while offline/dead. This makes it difficult to find them unless some technical tactics are applied.

To locate lost AirPods, users can use the ‘’Find My App’’feature to find the lost Apple device. It is the best and most effective way that individuals can use to find lost Airpods. It uses GPS and Bluetooth to offer a precise and estimated location within a few meters if one of your earbuds is missing from the charging case cover. The Find My App utilizes the last known position to situate Airpods that are offline or dead. This app helps to track the location of iPads, macOS, watchOS devices, Air Tags, and Airpods by connecting with an iCloud account.

Ways to Mark Airpods as Lost in the Find My APP

If one cannot find lost Airpods, they mark them in the Find My app to show they are lost. This feature allows the app to be notified once the Airpods return online. Here are the ways to mark your AirPods as lost;

  • Go to the Find My app option.
  • Select the Devices tab.
  • Proceed by choosing your AirPods.
  • Scroll down the listto bring up various options.
  • Hit on Activate under Mark As Lost.
  • Hit on Continue and input your contact information.
  • Lastly, select Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How to Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline And Dead

Process to find lost Airpods that are offline or dead

How to Find Lost My AirPods That Are Offline And Dead
How to Find Lost My AirPods That Are Offline And Dead

 Airpods are tiny, so losing or forgetting them throughout your day is easy. Finding the Airpods might be difficult, thus challenging users on how to get them. However, you can use the methods below to find the lost Airpods that are dead or offline;

  1. Use the ‘’Find My’’ App to find the last location

The ”Find My” app worksby connecting your phone’s Bluetooth to other devices. Users may not be able to get current information for offline devices, but it can be used to check the last known location. However, in case your Bluetooth was on and your phone was on when the AirPods were lost, you can quicklyretrieve using the following steps;

  • Open the ‘’Find My’’ app on your device.
  •  Press on the ‘’Devices’’ option to
  •  Check the last location of your AirPods before they go offline or die.
  1. Turn on Notifications in the ”Find My” App

In case you are still not able to locate your dead or offline Airpods with the last known location, you can check the steps below;

  • Move to the ‘’Device’’ section of the app
  • Tap on your Airpods to open the menu page.
  • Under the ”notifications” option, turn on the toggle for the ”Notify When Found” option.
  • You will get a notification the next time the Airpods are connected to the internet.

 Moreover, if one finds your Airpods and charges them, you will be able to locate the Airpods.

  1. Switch On Lost Mode in the ‘’Find My ‘’APP

Here are steps to turn on the Find My app on your device;

  • Open the settings app.
  • Enter your name and hit Find My.
  • Choose your Airpods in the ‘’Device’’ section.
  • Browse to the button.
  • Press to Activate ‘’Mark as Lost’’ for lost mode.
  • After activating lost mode, you will be prompted to input your contact information.
  •  Enter your email and phone number where you can easily be reached.
  •  Contact information will appear on their device, and you can contact them and receive your AirPods back.
  1. Think of the last place you used them.

You can also retrace the last place where you used the AirPods. Launch your music app to know the last music played.

  1. Retrace your steps

It is also a good idea to trace your steps by considering where you went and did since the last time you used the AirPods. Proceed through all of the places you want to track down your Airpods.

  1. Check places that you frequent.

Individuals can also find places they frequently visitto listen to music on their Airpods, like the kitchen, gym, car, office, etc.

  1. Get New AirPods

If all the methods don’t work to find your offline or dead Airpods, you can opt to purchase new Airpods. However, Apple offers replacements for single Airpods to its users in case of lost Airpods.

How to Find Airpods through the iCloud Website

The app allows individuals to find a single dead Airpods, as mentioned below;

  • Launch your web browser and go to the iCloud option.
  • Log in using your Apple ID.
  • Next, search for the Find My option.
  • A list of devices under the All Devices button.
  • Select the Airpods you need to locate, and their last active location will display on the map.

Simple Ways to Avoid Losing Your AirPods

Guidelines For Not Losing Your AirPods

When you find your AirPods or purchase new ones, you can take some preventive steps that can save you from losing your AirPods, as mentioned below;

Set up Alerts for Left-Behind Airpods

Setting up alerts for left Airpods, you can use the app to get notifications when you leave your Airpods behind. This helps one to look at and secure your Airpods before leaving them behind. Here are ways to set up signals for left-behind Airpods;

  • Choose your Airpods in the ‘’Device’’ section of the ‘’Find My’’ app.
  • Under the ‘’Notifications’’ option.
  • Press on ‘’Notify When Left Behind’’.
  • After switching on, you will be notified whenever you are too far from your Airpods.
  • Next, you can set trusted locations in the app. This prevents pesky and unnecessary notifications when you are away from your AirPods at home.
  • Turn on the ”Notify When Left Behind” feature, and a page with these trusted locations will be pulled up.
  • Continue by entering any location you want, like home or office.
  • To add a different location, hit the” New Location” option under the ”Notify Me, Except At’’ menu page.
  • Input any other trusted locations on the map or search for an address to add.

Fix the AirPods to your other devices through Bluetooth

It is essential to ensure that your AirPods are paired with other devices. Connecting with other devices helps one find one’s location when lost. You can check whether they are paired with your AirPods through the ”Bluetooth” section in ”Settings”. You can also ensure the Airpods appear under the ”Devices” section in the ”Find My”app.

Ensure you keep the AirPods in the Same Place

Keep your AirPods in a safe place to avoid losing them. You can always place the Airpods in the exact location when you are done using.

Get an AirPods case cover

Airpods case cover is an instrument that is used to keep Airpods. This helps to prevent losing or misplacing after use.


  1. How long does AirPods battery life last?

The battery life span of an average fully charged is 24 hours for Airpods 2nd Gen and Pro models and 30 hours for the 3rd Gen model.

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