How to Redeem HDFC Debit Card Reward Points

Step by step procedure for Redeeming HDFC Debit Cars reward points online. Redeem HDFC Debit Card Reward Points with in 2 Minutes

HDFC Reward Points

HDFC debit cards are an excellent source of benefits; they provide the user with various reward categories. Debit cards are designed to offer the user financial convenience and safety. HDFC bank offers different types of debit cards based on users’ needs. The cards hold unique benefits and features to allow the user to enjoy multiple financial services. Reward points are a significant feature established for HDFC debit cards.

This enables users to redeem and acquire more items or services. However, reward points are developed based on the user’s card usage. The transactions generate rewards that one can quickly redeem to get better prizes or cash back.

HDFC Debit Card Reward Points

Banking and financial institutions benefit from debit cards and credit cards every time the user transacts. The company or bank gains a particular amount, namely interchange fee. Banks use reward point systems to encourage account users to transact more using debit cards to increase the benefits. The points accumulate to a reasonable amount which the debit cardholder can redeem to receive discounts, cash backs or items.

How to Redeem HDFC Debit Card Reward Points

How to Redeem HDFC Reward Points at HDFC Net Banking

HDFC has developed convenient online systems to help debit card users redeem their reward points quickly. To redeem the cardholder, need to the following details:

  • Net banking facility
  • Registered mobile number
  1. Open your HDFC Bank internet banking website portal.
  3. Enter the login details and click the login tab.
  4. Select “cards” >”enquire” options under the debit card section.
  5. Click the “cash back enquiry and redemption” tab on the new page.
  6. Next, choose the account number you wish to redeem point.
  7. Now, you can redeem all eligible points based on HDFC categories.

How to Redeem HDFC Debit Card Reward Points Using HDFC Website Portal

Step by step to redeem HDFC debit card reward points

  1. Open the HDFC website page and proceed to the reward point option.

    Key in the points you want to redeem and check the amount to receive.

  2. Now select the “redeem” tab to proceed

    The system will send an OTP to your mobile number.

  3. Enter the OTP for verification and click confirm button

    The redemption process is complete; the HDFC bank will credit the user’s account.

Types of HDFC Bank Debit Cards

HDFC has various debit cards; all provide unique features. To apply, one requires to fulfil set eligibility criteria.

EasyShop Platinum debit card

  • The can offers cardholders with domestic limits of Rs. 1lakh.
  • The user gets cashback rewards for every Rs. 200 spent on various expenses such as groceries, restaurant, entertainment and clothes.
  • One also earn cashback for every Rs. 100 spent on telecom and utilities.

Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Debit card

  • HDFC bank provides 500 bonus points for first-time card usage (InterMiles) per year.
  • The card has discounts for domestic and international flights booked using InterMiles.
  • The Jet Privilege debit card has a daily domestic limit of Rs. 3 lakhs.
  • Users can enjoy lounge services in Indian airports.

HDFC Bank Reward Debit Card

  • The user gets monthly reward points and has the privilege of a daily domestic withdrawal limit of Rs. 50,000
  • The bank offers an insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakhs


  1. How long will the redemption process take for the bank to credit my cashback to my account?

    The HDFC bank takes two working days to credit the cashback amount to the user’s account.

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