How to Check Traffic in Google Maps, How’s the traffic?

How to use Google Maps for traffic guidance: How’s the traffic?. How to Check Traffic in Google Maps. Create Destinations Route Planner in Google Maps. Check traffic at my location in Google Maps.

How’s the traffic?

Dodging traffic is an achievement and sire of relief for many, especially while working under a tight schedule. Heavy traffic tends to build during morning hours which are crucial working hours. This comes with frustration, late appointments, and angry commuters. However, traffic is nothing technology can’t handle. Today drivers can plan their travel route and escape traffic using digital applications like Google Map.

Google Maps

The Google offers a modern solution that is readily available on all operating systems. Google Maps doesn’t only provide direction and location but has a traffic feature. The Google Maps contains multiple hidden features that are pretty significant. Most features aren’t publicly displayed and must be dug out from the app.

Google Maps is designed to offer cross-range traffic levels. The app doesn’t provide complex details like color for different routes along where you’re traveling. However, there are simple ways to maneuver and avail traffic levels for multiple routes.

How to Check Traffic in Google Maps

Easy steps to check traffic on Google Maps via the mobile app

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile phone.
  • Click the “overlay” tab indicated as square stacks on the right part of the page.
  • Next, select the “Traffic” option under the map details section.
  • The overlay will show, displaying any roads with traffic.
  • The traffic is defined with specific colors, such as:
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
  • If the system doesn’t show the colors, your connection may have issues, or the traffic option may be disabled.

How to Get Traffic Information on Google Maps on the web

Step by step to Get Traffic Information on Google Maps on the web (Google Website)

  • Go to your best web browser and type Google maps.
  • Select the menu at the top-left and proceed to the “Traffic” option.
  • The page will show a traffic overlay.
  • Roads with traffic will show under different colors
  • Each color indicates how heavy the traffic is on which part of the road.

How to Choose Google Map’s Suggested Routes

Google maps may suggest an alternative route if your preferred road has traffic. To use the proposed way, the user can follow the steps below.

  • Open your Google map platform.
  • Select the gray-colored route (suggested by Google maps).
  • The system will change the color to blue, meaning it is the new route.
  • One can drag the gray route to a new location. The other suggested routes will disappear, leaving the direction for the new route.

Google Maps can suggest particular routes to avoid traffic. This comes in handy for individuals willing to arrive early. The new routes are marked in gray, but once selected, the system changes the color to blue.

How to Create Multiple Destinations Route Planner in Google Maps

Steps to add different destinations on particular routes on Google Maps. Users can also add more destinations on the suggested route as follows:

  • First, enter the destination and start point of your travel.
  • Next, click the (+) icon under the destination to open a new platform.
  • Enter the additional destination detail or select from the map.
  • Add as many destinations as possible using the same procedure.

Google maps traffic feature helps provide complete traffic details, which helps avoid unnecessary stops and time wastage. The app is available on Android and IOS systems, making it a remarkable and mandatory feature for travel.

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  1. Can I check traffic on other routes that are not on my schedule?

Yes, it’s possible to view other location traffic detail via Google maps. The system provides each road with a particular color indicating the traffic intensity.

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