IDFC Reward Points – How to Redeem IDFC Credit Card Reward Points

IDFC Reward Points – How to Redeem IDFC Credit Card Reward Points 2022 Online through Net banking, IDFC Credit Card Reward Points

IDFC credit cards offer purchasing ability, financial flexibility and allows the user to enjoy rewards points for better prizes. The IDFC credit cards reward points are set as discounts, shopping vouchers, travel benefits, and cashback. The credit card users can shop on popular ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, big basket, and more to gain more points. IDFC bank designs different credit cards to allow every account user to enjoy based on their income.

The account user can redeem the points once the set limit is obtained. IDFC gives different reward prizes giving credit card user the zeal to utilize the card more.  Credit cardholders can view and download the reward point in the following steps.

IDFC Reward Points

IDFC Reward Points

Benefits of IDFC Reward Points

  • IDFC Bank offers 10x reward points for any transaction above Rs. 20000.
  • The bank doesn’t have a maximum limit point for reward points. The user can continue utilizing credit cards to earn more points.
  • IDFC credit card rewards points don’t expire. This allows users to redeem the points anytime without fear of expiry.
  • The care user gets one reward point for every Rs. 100 spent.
  • IDFC bank gives 3time reward points for offline transactions.

How to Redeem IDFC Reward Points

To user must accumulate particular reward points to redeem for any defined prize.

  1. Go to the IDFC First Bank reward website page using the link

  2. Enter your registered mobile number and a select login button

    The system will provide an OTP code, use the code to verify the details, and click the “Continue” button.

  3. On the menu, select “redeem points” to initiate the process

    Proceed to the voucher list and select your preferred voucher. Examples of vouchers are Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket, etc.

  4. The voucher is tagged with the purchase amount

    For example, the cardholder can purchase Rs. 10 vouchers for Rs. 10 000 (Amazon voucher).

  5. Review the information and click the “add to cart” option.

    Next, key in the value of the voucher and select the number to proceed.

  6. The system will compile all the details and show the summary in the cart section

    Voucher amount
    Pints required
    Available points
    The value of the points

  7. View the information and click the “proceed to checkout” button

    Now, enter the delivery information: name, mobile number, and email ID.

  8. Recheck the details and select confirm and proceed button

    The user can pay using a credit card for insufficient balance if the points are less (pay with points + card).

  9. If the points are enough, redeem the points to clear the purchase

    The system will generate the request, and once done.

  10. You will receive an email and SMS about the voucher

    Use vouchers on the ecommerce website by providing the voucher code.

IDFC Credit Card Reward Points: How to View IDFC Reward Points

IDFC first bank gives one reward point for Rs. 0.25; the user card usage determines the accumulation of points. For example, 100 points are equivalent to Rs. 25.

  • Open the IDFC internet banking account
  • And select the “HAVE” option on the menu.
  • Next, click “cards” > select your credit card to proceed.
  • The system will open the credit card summary page.
  • Here you can view “available reward points” > “earned in current billing cycle” options.
  • To redeem the points, the user needs to generate the statement.


  1. Do IDFC bank reward points expire?

    IDFC First bank credit reward points don't expire; users can redeem the points anytime.

  2. My points balance is insufficient. Can I purchase a voucher?

    Yes, the IDFC bank allows users to purchase using redeemed points and credit cards.

For more details about IDFC Reward Points visit this link

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