How to Block / Unblock Icici Credit Card Through iMobile Pay, Whatsapp, Customer Care

Ways to unblock your ICICI Credit Card. How to Unblock Icici bank Credit Card using iMobile Pay, Whatsapp, Customer Care, Icici Mobile Banking App. Step by step process to block / Unblock Icici Credit Card

Icici Credit Card

Due to fraud cases, cybercrime, and illegal transfers. The majority of banks offer their customers the ability to block debit and credit cards temporarily or permanently. The ICICI bank India goes beyond and provides the blocking and unblocking feature on all advance bank facilities. The ICICI customers can access blocking facilities on their mobile banking, internet banking, and calling customer care numbers. This allows users to block their cards when they suspect illegal use or lose their credit card.

The blocking ability is only reversible for temporary block credit cards and debit cards. Customers who opt for permanent block and wish to operate on the card later. They should visit the Bank for help or apply for a new credit card. The online facilities are fast and provide a simple guide on blocking and unblocking your credit card. ICICI bank clients don’t require any special IT skills to manage the online services.

Reasons for blocking Your ICICI Bank Credit Card

  • Suspecting illegal use by fraudsters/hackers.
  • Lost credit card.
  • If travelling and need to block the card temporarily.
  • If the applicant has multiple cards and needs to close some for better management.

How to Block Icici Credit Card Through iMobile Pay

Blocking ICICI credit card using mobile banking app (iMobile pay app)

A stolen or lost credit card opens possibilities of illegal activities such as fraud, crime sites, information hacking, and more. To act fast, ICICI bank has provided an online system to allow customers to block credit cards. One can block using their mobile app in the following steps.

  1. Open the ICICI iMobile pay app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your M-PIN or the internet banking user id and password.
  3. Click the “cards and Forex” option on the menu>now select the card you wish to block.
  4. Proceed and click the tab “block card.”
  5. Next, enter the mandatory information on the page.
  6. Choose the card you need to block and select the type of block, “permanent or temporary.”
  7. Enter the reason you wish to block the card and click the “proceed” button.
  8. The app will show the status of the credit card as blocked.

How to Unblock ICICI Credit Card

How to Unblock Icici Credit Card

Required Details to Unblock Your ICICI Credit Card

Bank customers who opt for the temporary block option can also unblock their cards using online platforms or customer care services. To avail of the service you require some details such as:

  • The registered mobile number with your bank account. It should be active to access the OTP code.
  • Your password and user ID
  • Whatsapp number, which should be the same as registered on ICICI bank account.
  • IMobile app login details.

How to Unblock ICIC Credit Card Using iMobile Pay App

  • Go to your iMobile app on your device.
  • Key in the login details: M-PIN or internet banking user ID and password.
  • On the page menu, click the tab “card unblock” from the “card detail section.
  • The page will show a confirmation message; select “OK” to confirm you want to unblock the credit card using the mobile app.
  • The app will show a status that your card is unblocked.

Note the process only applies to block credit cards temporarily.

Unblocking ICICI credit card through Whatsapp

  • The ICICI bank user should save the ICICI bank Whatsapp number on their device.
  • Next, authenticate your details by providing the OTP code sent on your mobile number.
  • Proceed and select “menu” >”send” options.
  • Next, click the “credit card services” tab >followed by “block/unblock my credit card.”
  • To unblock, click the “unblock” button.
  • The system will send an OTP code to your registered mobile number.
  • Now, send the code on the Whatsapp page.
  • The system will automatically unblock your credit card.

How to Unblock ICICI Credit Card Using Customer Care

ICICI bank users can unblock their credit cards by calling the helpdesk directly or using IVR. To unblock using IVR customer care. The user can follow the steps below. Note the process is also applicable for the debit card unblock process.

  • Dial and call the customer care IVR number.
  • The system will allow the user to select the preferred language by pressing 1 or 2.
  • Next, press zero (0) to unblock your card, followed by 2 for unblocking process.
  • Enter your credit card number or debit card number and press 1 to confirm.
  • Proceed and enter your card expiry date for verification.
  • Also, key in your date of birth to activate the card.

Imobile Pay by icici bank app download

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  1. Can I unblock my credit card if blocked permanently?

    The cardholder should visit the ICICI bank to request the unblocking process if permanently closed. However, the user can apply for a new credit card from the bank.

  2. What channels should the ICICI bank customers use to block or unblock their credit cards?

    The ICICI bank provides offline and online processes; it is easy to block or unblock using the iMobile pay app, Whatsapp, customer care, or visiting the Bank.

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