Delay in IRS Tax Refund: Your Tax Return is Still Being Processed

Delay in IRS Tax Refund: why and Steps to take. Tracking Internal Revenue Service tax refund status online. Your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided when available. IRS Unemployment Refund at

Your Tax Return is Still Being Processed

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected human health but the global economic status. The majority of government have raised red flags on the effects of Covid-19. Great departments such as IRS also face the pandemic strain, this negatively impacting some tax functions. The Internal Revenue Service department has always disbursed tax refunds on time to all eligible taxpayers. However, the year has been different, with many complaining of missed tax refunds. The Pandemic has halted more than 35 million returns. The returns are neither processed nor reviewed. This means more delays for the thousands of taxpayers.

There is more discouraging news as the 35 million doesn’t include 2.2 million stimulus checks, tax breaks, and child tax credit payments. The amount will significantly assist many families once released. However, the IRS is working hard to disburse the funds once everything is settled. To check the status of the refund. One can use the refund tool app; it’s easy to access unemployment refund status online.

Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

Refund tool abilities

  • Taxpayers can check their eligibility for child tax credit payments.
  • Unemployment refund status.
  • Future stimulus payments

Reasons for IRS Tax Refund Delays

  • The current pandemic is the primary cause of tax refund delays.
  • Lockdown has also affected the tax refund processing, thus pilling up requests.
  • IRS faced challenges with paper-filed returns and tax laws.
  • Suppose the tax return application has errors and it’s not complete.
  • The tax is under review.
  • Identity theft or fraud cases.
  • The tax returns, including Form 8379 and injure spouse funds allocations, might take longer.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is working to process all requests; they are reviewing the request, processing the payments and tax returns. This offers a glimmer of hope though there is no designated time for the IRS to complete the process. Note Internal Revenue Service sends a notification or letter if some errors cause the delay. The taxpayer can fix the errors.

Tracking IRS Tax Refund Status Online

For the 2020 income tax refund, users can access the status using the IRS tracker tools. There is crucial detail such as social security number, individual taxpayer identification number, marital status, head of household and refund amount (in dollars).The process works after 24 hours or four weeks from the date you sent the refund request.

IRS Tool “Where’s My Refund”

  • On the app, proceed to the option “get refund status page.”
  • Next, key in the SSN or ITIN, filing status, and the refund amount.
  • Recheck the details and click submit button.
  • The system will display your refund status on the screen.
  • The page will request verification and a repeat of the process if the details were wrong.

IRS Mobile App IRS2GO

The Internal Revenue Service offers taxpayers a mobile platform to help with tax refund details. The app is designed in two languages: English and Spanish. IRS2GO app will display the status:

  • Received
  • Approved
  • Sent

However, you need to enter some details for verification: social security number, filing status, and expected amount. Once the refunds are approved, the IRS department will send a date when you can receive the funds. The mobile app and “Where’s My Refund app” are regularly updated.

Your Tax Return is Still Being Processed. A Refund Date will be Provided When Available

How Long Will The Refund Process Take?

The IRS tax department takes three weeks to process the refunds. However, due to the mention delays, the process has taken few months. The delays may incur if the taxpayer filed a claim for earned tax credit/child tax credit. This might take several weeks based on the reasons. The Internal Revenue Service informs users whose tax refund process has errors and needs some corrections. The taxpayer needs to respond fast to get the refunds quickly.

Note the IRS department is following strict Covid-19 rules such as social distancing and working from home. Some of the measurements delay the process. The process also depends on how you request the payment mode. All funds going to the bank account through direct deposit will take five extra days for the bank to credit your account.

IRS Status

There are three status messages displayed on the online platforms (mobile app and online app).

ReceivedThe statement means IRS has the tax refund request, and they are reviewing it.
ApprovedThe IRS has reviewed and confirmed the return and amount.
Sent IRS has disbursed your funds; they are on the way to wait for few days.

IRS Unemployment Refund

How Can one check the 2020 unemployment refund status?

When will irs send unemployment tax refund: Taxpayers can change the tax return status and request for refund on 2020 unemployment compensation. The department is working to compensate eligible taxpayers. The IRS developed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to which secluded $10,200 for unemployment compensation. This applies to single and married individuals who earned $150,000 and below.

The department also considered all taxpayers who overpaid taxes for all the benefits. The IRS department has already refunded more than 2.8 million in June and 4 million in July. The refunds tools might not provide the refund status in all cases. The taxpayers can also use their tax accounts to view the tax transactions.

Tax Transcript

  1. Go to the IRS website page and log in to your tax account.
  2. On the menu, go to “account homepage” >view tax records.
  3. A new page will open select “get transcript.”
  4. A menu list will open with requesting why you need a tax transcript.
  5. Click “federal tax, next leave the “customer file number” tab open.
  6. Select the “Go” button to proceed to a new page.
  7. Select “return transcript, records of accounts transcript, account transcript, and wage and income transcript.
  8. Choose 202 account transcript; the system will open a PDF file.
  9. Check the transactions go to the refunded issued.
  10. The date should indicate May or June; if not, the IRS has not processed your request.


All direct deposit tax refunds may show IRS TREAS 310. The number is the transaction code from the IRS department. The code appears since the funds were deposited electronically. The same appears for taxpayers receiving adjustments on the tax returns. The department also uses TAX REF for a tax refund, or IRS TREAS 310 and CHILD CTC. This means it is the monthly payment for the child tax credit. The IRS TREAS 449 means the department has offset the refund due to debt.

Is calling IRS for a status check a good idea?

Due to the current delays, the IRS has received more calls (167 million calls) on the tax refund matter. This is the highest call record in 2020-21. Note half of the calls go through since there is heavy traffic on the line. It’s not advisable to call for a status check; use the above methods to check and give the processing time.

Refund by Mail or Direct Deposit

The department might opt for a mail refund process since the banking system requires full details of the taxpayer. Internal Revenue Service is limited to three cheques, and probably the receiver has multiple cheques at once. In some cases, the bank might reject the deposit leaving IRS with a mail option.

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