How to Change Mobile Number in IDFC First Bank Account Online

How to change Name & Contact details and personal details on IDFC First bank. Change mobile number in IDFC first bank online at

Change Mobile Number in IDFC First Bank Online

The registered mobile number on your account is an essential detail for any transaction to happen. To change, one requires to inform the bank to update their systems.  One can visit the bank or use online facilities.

How to Change Mobile Number in IDFC First Bank Online

Mobile Number Change at IDFC First Bank Net Banking

  1. Open the IDFC First bank internet banking website on your device.
  2. link
  3. Select the login button and enter your username ID and password.
  4. On the page, proceed to ‘my profile” >mobile number option.
  5. Next, click the “edit” button >enter your new mobile number.
  6. The system will verify the information and update the new number

Change/update Mobile Number Through IDFC First Mobile Banking APP

  • Download the IDFC First bank mobile application on your device.
  • Register and key in your registered mobile number.
  • Next, enter your preferred login credentials to access the page.
  • Login and proceed to the setting page on the dashboard.
  • The page will open various options select “my profile” >primary mobile number.
  • Click the ‘Edit” button to remove the primary mobile number.
  • Now enter your new mobile number and click submit button.
  • The system will send an OTP code to the new number for verification.
  • Enter the code to verify and complete the process.

Name Change in IDFC First Bank Account

Step by step process to change / update Account holder name at IDFC First Bank.

The name change process requires the user to visit the bank branch. One must provide concrete reasons for changing their names or adding a new. There are several reasons such as:

  • Marriage: where the lady adds the spouse’s name.
  • Wrong spellings on the name.
  • Divorce
  • If the user changes their religion
  • To have the professional identity
  • If the user dislikes their previous name.

The account holder should write an application letter to request the name change. One has to provide an old name and a new name. The bank also requires the user to give reasons for the changes. The process also requires proof and legal documents such as a change affidavit, a copy of newspaper publications, name change gazette notification, marriage certification, and more. The bank will verify the details and check all proof documents for legality. Once approved, the bank will change the name on your account to the new preferred name.


  1. Can I change my email ID and mobile number multiple times?

    It’s not advisable to keep changing your mobile number since it affects your banking details. Most banks use registered mobile to send notifications, transfer money, and other major banking services. However, IDFC First Bank doesn’t limit any user from changing their contact credentials. Ensure to update through the set platforms for better transaction services.

  2. IDFC Net Banking new login portal

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