How to Use CRED Coins to Cash, How to Redeem Cred Coins

A Guide on How to Use Cred Coins to Redeem, Reward, and Pay. How to Use CRED Coins to Cash, How to Redeem Cred Coins 2024, Burn Cred Coins. Pay Credit Card Bill in CRED APP. What to do with Cred Coins

CRED Coins

The CRED Coins is a digital currency company that offers cash back, people can receive a wide range of credit card services by linking to the CRED app. The Company was launched in 2018 and is based in Bangalore. It helps individual’s clear credit cards debts/credit card services, bill payments thus encouraging responsible finances behaviour. CRED coin rewards users with vouchers, gifts, CRED points, and more. One can use the CRED Coins app for shopping, rewarding, and traveling.

Users can check their credit score on the app for free, as it allows customers to convert coins to cash through the burn option. Individuals can avail excellent discounts on different products. Individuals accumulate CRED coins by making payments using the app. However, the method to earn CRED Coins differs from the original currency. People can use the coins to pay and clear all credit card bills and get ten gems per person. CRED coin contains multiple benefits features and informative details as shown in the guide below.

How to Use CRED Coins
How to Use CRED Coins

Features of CRED Card Coins

There are various beneficial features related to CRED coin as follows:

  • CRED coins’ card has partner brands you can use to get rewards using the CRED app.
  • It offers 45 days of credit-free period with reward points using CRED RentPay.
  • Provides a SIP calculator that you can use.
  • It brings home loans, car loans, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, simple loans, and compound loans.
  • CRED calculates your PPF with the PPF calculator.
  • It consists of an EMI calculator that the CRED app offers its customers.
  • It accesses the CRED store with exclusive products and special prices.
  • Protect users to detect hidden charges that can imposed on you.
  • CRED card coins help one to know one’s credit limit in time.

How to Redeem Cred Coins?

Once you earn cred coins, you can redeem them through the steps below;

  • Launch the CRED app and
  • Navigate to the ‘’Rewards’’ section.
  • Tap the reward you wish to redeem on the next page.
  • Follow the terms given to complete the redemption process.
  • Enter the personal information on the next page.
  • Choose a payment mode and verify your redemption.
  • You will get different types of rewards available, like cashback, service discounts on products, and vouchers for retailers.

How to Use CRED Coins

Procedure to use CRED Coins online

You can simply follow the steps below to use Cred coins for making payments, online shopping, and vouchers.;

  • Install the CRED App from the Play Store.
  • Move to the club option in the application to proceed.
  • Browse down the list, to access different online e-commerce website options provided.
  • Choose the partner you want to transact with on the cred app.
  • Press the payment method ‘’CRED Coins’’ option.
  • Input the amount of CRED Coins you wish to use for the transaction.
  • Follow the instructions given by the app to conclude the payment.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill in CRED APP

Steps to pay Credit card bill in CRED APP

You can clear your credit card payment through the CRED app, as mentioned below;

  • Login to the CRED app to access the page.
  • Press the ‘’Cards’’ option on the homepage and choose the preferred credit card bill you must pay.
  • A new page showing the bill amount, minimum due, and morewill appear.
  • Pay now and press the mount you need to pay for the bill.
  • Enter the payment mode UPI, Debit card, or net banking.
  • Next, link your UPI details on the app.
  • The app will authenticate the payment and thus complete the payment.
  • You will get a transaction ID to help in reference.
  • Check the amount paid or the bill on the system.
  • Finally, the bank will release the payment after two working days.

How to Burn Cred Coins

The process to burn CRED Coins

  • Launch your CRED app and move to your rewards.
  • View your cashback rewards in your rewards section.
  • Select to claim your cashback reward, and you will see the option to redeem or burn your CRED points.
  • By scrolling down, you completely burn your cashback reward and get it changed to cash on your credit card.
  • Lastly, you will learn how to burn CRED coins and how to avail of CRED coins to cash.

CRED Coins Card is a simple but comprehensive financial solution for many users. It’s easy to redeem and available on all systems.

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  1. Where can I use CRED Coins Using the app?

You can convert the cash for the following details;

  • Shopping.
  • Rewards.
  • Travel.

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