ICICI Beneficiary Activation Time

The ICICI Beneficiary Activation Time. How Much Time it Takes to Add Beneficiary in ICICI given below.

Beneficiary activation and cooling period are features utilized by many banks globally. The cooling period is the session a bank sets where funds transfer cannot occur to a newly established or added beneficiary. Most banks set the activation and cooling period from 30 minutes to 4 hours. This is quite pressing for many bank customers who require sending and receiving money regularly. The ICICI Bank, like other banks, provides activation after adding a beneficiary.

ICICI Beneficiary Activation Time

How Much Time it Takes to Add Beneficiary in ICICI

An ICICI bank user needs to wait 30 minutes after adding a payee using internet banking or the iMobile app. The ICICI bank doesn’t have a cooling period. Once the 30 minutes is over, the user can transact funds to the new payee. However, the bank allows users to add up to 10 beneficiaries per day, making it convenient for business users. The ICICI Bank also caters to customers’ needs providing ways to transfer funds without adding a beneficiary. This helps evade the activation process and send money fast.

It’s possible to transfer funds without beneficiaries through ICICI Quick money transfer and UPI methods. However, the cooling and activation session also helps banks verify the new beneficiary details before the official transaction process. It’s a great way to prevent the wrong transaction.



  • To transact using ICICI IMPS, the account user should have internet banking or mobile banking platforms.
  • The ICICI account user can also register when opening an account to receive the 7-digit MMID.
  • One can generate the MMID using iMobile, SMS, and customer care contact number.

How to Transfer Money Through ICICI IMPS Using IFSC Code

Step by step to Transfer Money Through ICICI IMPS Using IFSC Code

  1. Open ICICI Net Banking website portal link.
  2. https://www.icicibank.com
  3. Enter your user name and password to access the account.
  4. Select the payment transfer >fund transfer> IMPS funds transfer options.
  5. Now, click the “person to account” tab to continue.
  6. Key the beneficiary account details such as name, account number, IFSC code, and more.
  7. Enter the preferred amount and click submit button.
  8. Ensure to recheck all the details and select confirm button.
  9. The system will send an OTP to authenticate the details and complete the transaction.

Fund Transfer Using ICICI IMPS with MMID

  1. Go to the ICICI Internet Banking website portal and enter the login credentials.
  2. Click “payment transfer” >”funds transfer” > “IMPS funds transfer.”
  3. Proceed to “person to person” >enter the MMID and mobile number.
  4. Choose the amount you wish to transfer and select submit button.
  5. Now, recheck and verify the details; click the confirm button if correct.
  6. Enter the OTP code for verification and complete the process.

What is MMID for ICICI IMPS?

What is mmid in icici bank: The Mobile money identification number is a seven-digit number used to transfer money through IMPS. The number allows users to transfer money to different accounts using internet banking or mobile banking services. An ICICI bank account holder can request for MMID number when opening an account with the bank. The number is also accessible through mobile banking or calling customer card numbers. ICICI bank has also made it possible to access the MMID using ATM.


  1. How long is the ICICI Bank activation process?

    Once an account holder adds a beneficiary, the bank gives an activation timeline of 30 minutes. ICICI Bank doesn’t have a cooling period making it easy for bank users to transact after 30 minutes.

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