Kotak Virtual Debit Card – How to Generate/See Kotak Virtual Card Online

Guide on Kotak Mahindra Bank virtual Debit card Apply Online: How to See Kotak Virtual Debit Card Through Kotak Net Banking (or) Kotak 811 app. How to Cancel Kotak Netc@rd at www.kotak.com

Kotak Virtual Debit Card

A virtual debit card is a tech development that simplifies and secures the user’s debit card details from fraudulent activities. The Kotak Bank is among the best private sector banks that embrace technology. Kotak Mahindra customers have the privilege to create a virtual debitcard to access online merchant websites. Registered clients with internet banking and mobile apps (Kotak811) can easily use a virtual debit card for online shopping.

Kotak Virtual Debit Card
Kotak Virtual Debit Card

Kotak Netc@rd

Kotak Mahindra virtual debit card is referred to as Kotak Netc@rd. It’s developed to help secure the debit cardholder’s details while shopping online. Netc@rd is valid for 24 to 48 hours or until the transaction is done. Kotak bank doesn’t charge any amount for virtual cards. The Kotak Netc@rd is compatible with all online merchant websites which use VISA and Master cards.

Kotak Netc@rd Virtual DebitCard Features and Benefits

  • The Kotak virtual card provides the user with high-end security during online transactions.
  • The debit card data is masked, meaning the merchants receive the virtual card details only.
  • It’s easy to create a virtual card using your internet banking and mobile app.
  • Netc@rd (virtual debit card) is valid for 24 to 48 hours.
  • The Kotak virtual card can only be used for a single transaction
  • Kotak bank offers virtual cards services for free.

How to Generate & Use Kotak Virtual Debit Card

Step by step to Generate & use kotak virtual debit card (Kotak Netc@rd)

  1. Open the merchant website you wish to purchase products or services.

    Select the product from the website page.

  2. Check whether the merchant uses VISA cards

    Please review the product to ensure it’s what you need.

  3. Choose your payment

    mode as “debit card”

  4. Login to Kotak internet banking page

    Select the “Kotak Netc@rd” option

  5. The page will send an OTP to your mobile number

    Use the OTP to verify the details

  6. Now, choose the account

    You wish to debit the money from to your virtual card.

  7. Key in the amount and select “generate”

    After creating the virtual card, the system will show the card details, such as card number and expiry date.

  8. Enter the virtual card debit card

    Details on the merchant’s site to complete the payment process.

How to Cancel Kotak Netc@rd

Note a cardholder can only cancel a virtual card if they haven’t used it. However, a used card will automatically cancel after 48 hours.

  1. Open Kotak Mahindra internet banking website page.
  2. https://www.kotak.com/en/home.html
  3. Select the virtual card (Netc@rd) option.
  4. Proceed to the “cancel Netc@rd” tab >choose the virtual card you wish to cancel. The bank allows users to create multiple virtual cards at once.
  5. Select the ” cancel ” tab; after selecting the Netc@rd, you wish to cancel, select the “cancel” tab.
  6. The system will automatically refund the amount on the card back to your account.

How to View Kotak Virtual Debit Card Using Kotak 811 app

Step by step procedure for Using & Enable image debit card in kotak 811

  1. Open the Kotak 811 app on your device.
  2. On the menu list, select the “Kotak 811” button.
  3. Click the “virtual debit card” option to proceed.
  4. The system will display the virtual card details: card number and expiry date.
  5. For CVV details, click the button “show CVV.”

How to See Kotak Virtual Debit Card Through Kotak Net Banking

Viewing Kotak virtual debit card using the internet banking system

  1. Visit the Kotak internet banking page using the link https://www.kotak.com/
  2. Click the “login” button and enter your user ID and password to log in.
  3. The page will send an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  4. Enter the OTP to validate the information.
  5. Once logged in select “cards” >”debit card” tab.
  6. The page will show the Kotak debit card detail, card number, and expiry date.
  7. Click “Show CVV” to get the card’s CVV.

How to Enable Kotak Debit Card Online Transactions

  1. Go to the Kotak Internet banking page and enter your login credentials.
  2. https://www.kotak.com/en/home.html
  3. Select “cards” on the account menu followed by the “debit card” tab.
  4. Next, select the “click here to view/modify the limit on your debit card” option.
  5. Proceed to “domestic channel” >”turn on”> Ecom/online” transactions.
  6. Enable the PoS, ATM, and contactless transactions.
  7. The user can repeat the steps to enable international transactions.
  8. Now, click “confirm” to enable the transactions.


  1. Which methods can I use to view Netc@rd details?

    To view your virtual card information, you can use the internet banking website or Kotak 811 app.

  2. Can I create multiple virtual cards?

    The Kotak bank allows users to create multiple virtual cards at once.

  3. Can I cancel a virtual card after using it?

    No, the user can only cancel a card if they haven’t used it for any transaction. Virtual cards are designed to cancel after 24 to 48 hours after use automatically.

For more information about Kotak Virtual Debit Card – How to Generate/Cancel Kotak virtual card online visit this link https://www.kotak.com/en/home.html

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